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You know what you want

You want a team of technical experts to help you find the best overall solution for your operations. You want to participate in the design process and get what you really want. And of course, you want the best return on your investment.

Our engineering team listens

We will survey your operations to fully understand your applications.

You want a professional supplier

You want structure and organisation. You want quick responses and commitment.

Our project management team achieves

We deliver your projects, on time and at the right cost.

You want robust and reliable equipment

You want quality assurance and excellent fabrication capabilities. You want equipment that is tested and proven, backed by a professional team.

Our fabrication team executes

We build equipment that is tested again and again in the harshest working environments around. Our customer relationships are strong, because our products are strong.

You want support

You want 24/7 technical support. You want commissioning and training, parts and service. You want a dedicated supplier and technical experts.

Our after-sale service department performs

Your business relies on us, and we take that responsibility seriously. As long as our equipment is part of your operations, Mecfor is part of your team.

You want it worry-free

You want a strong and experienced supplier. You want the right solution at the right price and above all you want it delivered on-time and according to plan. You want to see results.

Our personnel deliver

We've built our reputation on providing the right solutions for our customers, on time and on budget. And we've kept that reputation because if for some reason something isn't right… we make it right.


Great challenges,
great rewards.

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