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Benefit from Mecfor's experience
Sophisticated mobile equipment since 1987


Our founder, Clement Potvin, began developing sophisticated mobile equipment for the forest industry in 1987. He focused on rugged equipment designed to work in the harsh Canadian climate.


The economic crisis of 1991 hurt the forestry sector but offered opportunities as well. We became part of the mechanical department of a strong consulting engineering company, Cegertec, a subsidiary of Le Groupe Ceger.

Benefit from Mecfor's knowledge
The heavy industry


From 1991 to 1997, our technical team worked with Cegertec to execute mechanical projects for heavy industry,including jobs for pulp and paper companies, saw mills and aluminium smelters.

Our team's creativity and mobile equipment background provided the opportunity to offer turnkey solutions to our clients. A few members of the “old Mecfor team”, strongly encouraged and supported by Cegertec and Le Groupe Ceger, re-activated the Mecfor company in 1997.

Benefit from our deep understanding of harsh operations
Niche expertise in the Aluminium Process


Our experience designing custom machines for the forest industry allowed us to support aluminium smelters with mobile equipment optimisation and modification projects.

In 1999, the very first Mecfor anode and crucible hauler prototype specifically designed for the aluminium smelter was born, the MTA10. Innovative features included a hydrostatic drive, joystick, and rotating seats.


As of 2000, we focused on turnkey services (fixed and mobile equipment) solely for the aluminium industry, first in Canada and then worldwide.


In 2003, we acquired the “Metal Division” of Les Industries Vallée inc. Through this acquisition we gained a full range of new aluminium casthouse products, such as articulated forklifts and specialised tools.

Benefit from Mecfor's professionalism
Supplying major projects worldwide

From 2003 to 2008, we developed new geographical markets and designed new equipment including an anode slot cutting machine, bath tapping vehicle, remote-controlled underpot vehicle, skimming station and coil handler, to name a few.


In 2008, 100% of our business was in the aluminium industry and half of our sales volume was outside of Canada.

Benefit from Mecfor's creativity
Diversification of our activities


The economic crisis in 2009 put pressure on Mecfor to diversify. We decided to concentrate on sophisticated heavy duty equipment for the Rail and Mining industries, two new and exciting sectors.


Our first Utility Track Vehicle, the UTV10, was developed in partnership with a large mining company. It was put in operation in 2010. The UTV10 quickly established us in the market.


In 2011, our first open-pit mining equipment have been delivered such as: rock spreaders, water tankers and heavy-duty trailers.

The future is bright as we continue to thrive on innovation and creativity. We believe that continuous improvement is the key to our success — and yours!

Thank you for being part of our story past, present and future.


Tough jobs.
Tougher equipment.

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