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Water and Abrasives
Spreading System

Mecfor Evolution



your investment


Mecfor's RB family offers unique water and rock spreading solutions. Our system easily fits every brand of rigid truck. In summer, the installed water tank ensures smooth de-dusting water spreading on your work site. During winter, the water tank is easily replaced by a rock-spreading box, ensuring constant spreading of abrasive material on roads and optimizing production in difficult winter conditions.

Cost effective solution to maximize your fleet's efficiency

Mecfor's RB system uses a retired production truck, and only one truck is needed to replace a water truck and a rock spreader. Your investment is concentrated only on the spreading system, while the truck is already part of your mobile inventory.

The Mecfor team of experts can help you put together a compelling business case, and lay out the financial justification for your investment. They will also be happy to provide references from satisfied customers.

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  • Easily adaptable to every brand of rigid mining and construction truck
  • Transforms a retired production truck into a reliable service vehicle
  • Optimized solution for mining, quarry and construction applications
  • Two trucks in one — replaces a rock-spreading truck and a water truck
  • Combine water and abrasive spreading, use service equipment throughout the year
  • Quick interchange system ensures an easy exchange of the water tank and the rock spreader
  • Operator console allows for easy selection of spreading rate and diameter
  • Robust construction, built for truck frame life
  • Reliable and long-lasting components
  • Suitable for reconditioning through Mecfor's “Evolution” programs
  • Vast inventory of parts available on request
  • Mecfor's commissioning and on-site training services

Once the truck is fitted with the Mecfor RB system, fleet investment is maximized. The operator can easily select a spreading nozzle and control water or rock spreading flow from the state-of-the art console.

At the end of its production life, and after many years of reliable service, the RB system can easily be reconditioned and brought back to production through one of Mecfor's “Evolution” programs. A variety of programs are offered to suit every operational need. The Evolution programs ensure the maximization of your cost per operating hour and give your equipment a second and a third life cycle.

A strong and powerful family

Model Rock spreading material content
RB50 50 000 kg
RB60 60 000 kg
RB85 85 000 kg
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