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MVA Multifunctional vehicle

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Our MVA family of multifunctional articulated vehicles features a versatile, compact and reliable mobile power unit. Engineered for Mecfor's modular tools, the equipment can fill, tend or clean a furnace as well as carry large loads. Each vehicle can be built to your specific needs, with a wide array of options. MVA vehicles are highly adaptable and can easily and quickly replace two or three of your current vehicles.

The Mecfor team of experts can help you put together a compelling business case, and lay out the financial justification for your investment. They will also be happy to provide references from satisfied customers.

Hydraulic and electrical power at your fingertips

The MVA is powered by a diesel engine coupled to a hydrostatic transmission, offering constant torque with unlimited speed variation on two of the four wheels. The vehicle is built around a central articulation that offers the operator great flexibility when carrying loads or performing precise furnace operations like loading, tending or cleaning. The comfortable operator's environment offers unmatched visibility, safety features, and state-of-the-art controls to maximize productivity. The vehicle is also equipped with a Sauer-Danfoss Plus+1 controller that gathers and stores vital operational and diagnostic information.

MVA vehicles are built with Mecfor's “QuicKonnect” system, designed to support its hydraulically powered modular tools.

A strong and powerful family

The MVA family of vehicles offers a complete range of equipment sizes designed to fit your operations' layout. Load carrying capacity ranges from 15,000 lb. (6,800 kg) @ 24 inches (610mm) to 50,000 lb. (22,680 kg) @ 48 inches (1,220mm).

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  • The best dollar/hour investment for charging, tending and cleaning furnaces
  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Compact, short turning radius
  • Equipped with Mecfor “QuicKonnect” system and hydraulically powered modular tools
  • Safe and comfortable for the operator
  • Central articulation for better movement and positioning
  • Easily replaces two or three pieces of mobile equipment
  • Reliable, long life components
  • Bidirectional steering for better visibility and comfort
  • Suitable for reconditioning through Mecfor's “Evolution” programs
  • Tool interchangeability reduces your mobile equipment costs
  • Vast inventory of parts available on request
  • Mecfor's commissioning and on-site training services

At the end of its production life, and after many years of reliable service, the MVA can easily be reconditioned and brought back to production through one of Mecfor's “Evolution” programs. A variety of programs are offered to suit every operational need. The Evolution programs ensure the maximization of your cost per operating hour and give your equipment a second and a third life cycle.

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