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Ekumax Automated
Dross Skimming Station

Mecfor Evolution



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Mecfor's Ekumax station is recognized as the industry's worldwide standard. Once the operator starts the skimming cycle, the station automatically places and slowly rotates the preheated skimming tool inside the crucible. Dross is recovered from the molten metal surface, and the waste material is then placed in a recuperation bin.

The Mecfor team of experts can help you put together a compelling business case for the Ekumax, and lay out the financial justification for your investment. They will also be happy to provide references from satisfied customers.

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  • Fully automated positioning of the skimming tool inside the crucible
  • Custom-designed according to plant layout
  • Optimized dross skimming cycle time
  • Productive dross collection system
  • Improves operator working conditions and safety
  • Production rate of up to 70 crucibles per shift
  • Reliable, long life components
  • State-of-the –art technology
  • Easy to program, troubleshoot and repair
  • Vast inventory of parts available on request
  • Mecfor's commissioning and on-site training services

At the end of its production life, and after many years of reliable service, the Automated Aluminium Dross Skimming Station can easily be reconditioned and brought back to production through one of Mecfor's “Evolution” programs. A variety of programs are offered to suit every operational need. The Evolution programs ensure the maximization of your cost per operating hour and give your equipment a second and a third life cycle.

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